President - Talent Agent

Kathy Carpenter

Kathy Carpenter is a seasoned talent agent with over 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Kathy has always had a passion for the arts. Her father, an actor in Dublin, Ireland, instilled in her a love for the craft and inspired her to pursue a career in the field.
Kathy began her career as an actress and worked in various productions, honing her skills and gaining valuable insights into the industry. In 1993, she made the transition to talent agent and has been successfully representing actors ever since. With her extensive network of contacts and her vast knowledge of the industry, Kathy has become a respected talent agent in the business.
Throughout her career, Kathy has worked with a diverse range of clients, from up-and-coming actors and actresses to established stars. She is known for her keen eye for talent and her ability to spot new and emerging stars. Her clients appreciate her personalized approach and her commitment to their success.
To this day, Kathy is still as passionate about the entertainment industry as she was when she first started. She continues to work tirelessly to help her clients achieve their goals and to provide them with the guidance and support they need to succeed.